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Mortgage Home Loans

Our finance solutions are flexible for those outside the scope of mainstream banks or non-bank lenders with an average term of 24 – 36 months, this term can be longer should the need arise.

Our interest rates for mortgages are from 12.95%pa (First Mortgages) and 13.95%pa (Second Mortgages) for those within our credit criteria.

We have a variety of finance options including Principal and Interest, Interest Only terms, Progressive Drawdowns and Capitalised Interest.

This allows us to work proactively towards a solution for your borrower.

We are always ready to accept applications and present loan offers.

Vehicle Finance

Upgrade with a vehicle loan from us. Cars, Boats, Campervans & More!

Debt Consolidation

Put all your debts in the past with a debt consolidation loan.

Business Loans

Expand your capabilities with a business loan from Metro Finance.

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